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Keep your spirit light, your booty tight and your goals insight.


Barre is a ballet-based workout, combined with Pilates and yoga. This energetic workout uses small

isometric movements, body weight exercises and resistance training to tone, tighten and strengthen

your body. This full body workout is choreographed to music designed to keep you smiling as well

as burning fat and creating long lean muscle.


Our HIIT classes will be a 45-minute burst, designed to get the heart rate pumping. This class will work off a sequence of exercises completed as a circuit. If you have a busy schedule but still want to work out this is the class for you. The studio Lifestyle aims to create a community of likeminded people who will support each to reach their fitness goals, encourage a healthy body image and will spread positivity within and far beyond The Studio walls.


Our dynamic vinyasa yoga classes are designed to help you find fluidity through movement. Guided by your breath, movement becomes effortless. The Studio Lifestyle believes in creating mindful and smart sequences that will keep you safe at the same time as helping you expand on your practice. All levels are welcome.


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